Thearc Elementae

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Before Elementae’s name had been branded with the disgrace of “Thearc”, he was General Elementae. However, after showing mercy to a weaker celestial lifeform in The Battle of Verde, Elementae was exiled from his home planet to live as a pariah and was marred with the title “Thearc”, which loosely translates to “pathetic, weak, disgrace or soiled blood”.

Thearc Elementae is anything but weak. During his 400-year exile, Thearc has spent his time perfecting his magical abilities. Fuelled by rage and a vendetta on his home world, Thearc has achieved something that no other Morph has accomplished; The capacity to summon life into existence by his mental will alone. Thearc is now making his way back to his home planet with an army of summoned life and a vendetta against those who betrayed him.

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